Inside Ontarios fight to save declining barn swallows one bird house at

first_imgTOWNSEND, Ont. – The long grass sways as a soft summer wind sweeps under two strange structures, blowing with it the faint smell of manure, in an otherwise empty Ontario field. Under one, which looks like a tiny house on stilts, Myles Falconer carefully removes five barn swallow chicks from their nest to have them weighed, measured and banded.“The chicks are too young to get ornery,” Falconer says as he handles the tiny songbirds, “but we wouldn’t want to do this in a few weeks.”The biologist is part of a small team with Bird Studies Canada that is researching barn swallows in an effort to understand why their population in Ontario has plummeted — down 65 per cent between 1966 and 2009, according to the provincial government.No one really knows what’s causing the decline, but researchers suspect habitat loss for the small bird, the striking aerial insectivore with an iridescent steel-blue back, rusty red forehead and throat, and distinctive forked tails.That is the focus of a unique experiment Bird Studies Canada launched two years ago in Townsend, Ont., where the province had declared a parcel of land surplus, which meant that eight dilapidated buildings — some of them barns — located there had to be taken down.Suspecting some of those building might house barn swallow nests, Infrastructure Ontario, which manages thousands of government-owned properties across the province, hired environmental consulting firm Cole Engineering to conduct a land survey.“If we’re taking down the barn, we would be breaking the law if we didn’t do habitat compensation,” says Lisa Myslicki, of Infrastructure Ontario.Under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, animals considered a species at risk, such as barn swallows, and their habitat must be protected.After the barn swallows flew south in the fall of 2015, Cole Engineering — with funding from the Ontario government — designed and built the two structures, which now house a total of seven active bird nests.As adult barn swallows whip around the area, Chris Parent, a biologist with Cole Engineering, points out the intricacies of the birds’ buildings he helped design.Parent examined the old barns, which have since been demolished, to figure out where the birds were nesting. In his design, he incorporated three styles of nests inspired by their locations in the old barn: ledges, cups and cross structures.“The idea being the barn swallows would select for themselves what would serve as the best nesting site,” Parent says. This is another aspect of the study the biologists are monitoring. So far, the birds seem to prefer the ledges and cups.The two new bird houses are different, one with a longer overhang than the other, which provides different temperatures for the birds, Parent explains, replete with a ventilation system.And there’s a security system. Four large galvanized steel cones protect the birds from predators, at least the terrestrial kind, designed with raccoons in mind.“Picture a raccoon going up one of those pillars, using three legs to hold on and one trying to reach around that cone,” Parent says. “Well, the dimension of that cone is approximately five centimetres beyond the grasp of an average raccoon.”There are five other similar sites in Ontario, says Kristyn Richardson, a biologist with Bird Studies Canada, but they usually only have one nesting pair. But she says the two structures in Townsend are the most successful so far.In addition to those six sites, she says, Bird Studies Canada is also studying about 20 other barns with nests.The researchers are also monitoring the birds’ movements, Richardson says.Last summer they captured barn swallows and placed “nano tags” on them, which emit a radio frequency. With four towers set up to detect the signals and a hand-held receiver, they discovered the birds stay close to the nests as they feed, never flying farther than 200 metres from home.And last fall, they were able to trace the barn swallows’ flights south. First, they flew to Long Point, Ont, a peninsula that juts deep into Lake Erie, where they hung out in the marshes for a bit, before their long journey south to the Amazon basin, Richardson says.With ankle bands, the researchers hope to find some swallows that return to the nesting grounds as proof for their hypothesis that the birds return to the same area year after year. It’s still early days in the world of research, but they’re also studying survival and dispersal.“For a bird that used to be so common,” Richardson says, “it’s a sad and alarming thing that we’re losing so many of them this quickly.”last_img read more

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HBC strikes 16B deal to unlock real estate value amid investor pressure

first_imgTORONTO – Hudson’s Bay Co. (TSX:HBC) has struck a $1.6 billion deal that will see it sell its flagship Lord & Taylor property and lease out office space in some of its other high-profile locations amid mounting pressure from an activist shareholder.The company announced Tuesday that it will sell the Lord & Taylor space on New York’s tony Fifth Avenue to WeWork Property Advisors, a joint venture between workspace company WeWork and Rhone Capital, in a deal valued at $1.075 billion.In a related transaction, Rhone Capital will buy $632 million of equity in the Toronto-based retailer. HBC expects to use the $1.6 billion in proceeds from the sale and investment to reduce debt or increase cash on its balance sheet. About $501 million of that will be used to repay the mortgage on the Lord & Taylor property.The deals come as HBC faces increased pressure from a U.S. activist investment fund that has argued Hudson’s Bay stock is worth only one-third of the real estate it owns.Land & Buildings Investment Management called Monday for the removal of HBC’s board, which is chaired by Richard Baker. The company announced Friday Baker will also act as interim CEO after current chief executive Gerald Storch announced his departure.The company’s management has been under pressure for months from Land & Buildings, which estimates that HBC’s real estate is worth $35 per share. HBC shares gained two per cent or 23 cents on Tuesday to close at $11.98 at the Toronto Stock Exchange.Baker said the deals will strengthen the retailer and “enable us to drive ongoing value creation.”“HBC and WeWork have been working together to reimagine retail environments for current and future generations,” Baker said in a statement.Lord & Taylor retail operations will continue to occupy all of the Manhattan location through the end of next year’s holiday season. The Lord & Taylor flagship location will eventually house a smaller store as well as the New York headquarters of WeWork, which provides working space and services for more than 150,000 members around the world.The agreement will also see WeWork lease the upper floors of three HBC department stores: the Queen Street location in Toronto, the Granville Street store in Vancouver and Galeria Kaufhof in Frankfurt.“The acquisition by WeWork Property Advisors of the Lord & Taylor flagship building on Fifth Avenue is a statement of intent and commitment by WeWork to New York City,” said Adam Neumann, the company’s co-founder and CEO.HBC and WeWork plan to work together across the Canadian company’s global real estate portfolio and product offerings, including exclusive HBC sales online and in store for WeWork’s members.Rhone has agreed to pay $12.42 each for nearly 51 million HBC convertible preferred shares. They can be converted into an equal number of HBC common shares, which represent a 21.8 per cent stake in the company.Rhone and WeWork will also each have the right to appoint a representative to the HBC board of directors.HBC says the private placement is subject to approvals by regulators in Canada and the United States, expected in November. It expects to close the Lord & Taylor real estate transaction by Aug. 10, 2018.last_img read more

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BJD to field 33 women in LS polls says Patnaik

first_imgBhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Sunday said the BJD would field 33 per cent women among its candidates in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, terming the move a “benchmark for women empowerment” in the country.Making the announcement at a rally in Kendrapara, the Biju Janata Dal president said the “historic step” would lead the way in empowering women. “If India is to lead the world, if India has to compete with countries like America and China and become an advanced nation, women empowerment is the only answer,” he said. Also Read – How a psychopath killer hid behind the mask of a devout laity!Patnaik’s decision would mean that the ruling BJD will field women candidates for at least seven out of the 21 Lok Sabha seats in the state. At present, there are three women Lok Sabha MPs from Odisha. The BJD had won 20 of the 21 Lok Sabha seats in 2014. Patnaik, however, did not make any such announcement for the assembly polls which is slated to be held along with the Lok Sabha polls. Odisha’s 147-member assembly has 12 women MLAs at present. Also Read – Encounter under way in Pulwama, militant killedIn November last year, a resolution was passed unanimously in the state assembly seeking 33 per cent reservation for women in state legislative assemblies and Parliament. The BJD supremo said he had sent a proposal in this regard to all the national parties and chief ministers. “I call upon all the national parties that they should be true to their words and must follow what they propagate for women empowerment,” he said. Patnaik reminded the crowd that his father and former chief minister Biju Patnaik implemented 33 per cent reservation for women for the first time in the country, in the three-tier panchayati raj institutions and government jobs. The state government enhanced the reservation for women to 50 per cent in panchayats in 2012. Patnaik’s announcement, however, was dubbed by opposition BJP and Congress as a “pre-poll game plan” to woo women voters. Union Minister and BJP leader Dharmendra Pradhan said reservation of seats for women is “welcome”, but the timing of the BJD’s announcement, ahead of the elections, is nothing but a “gimmick to grab the votes” of women electors. Terming the move as a “tool” to influence female voters, a senior Congress leader said his party has no objection if women get 33 per cent reservation in state assemblies and Parliament, but the BJD is using it as a “last ditch effort” to get votes as its “popularity has nosedived”. Patnaik had in December last urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to initiate steps to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill, pending in the Lok Sabha. He had subsequently written to the chief ministers of all the states and Union territories seeking their cooperation to secure 33 per cent reservation for women in legislative assemblies and Parliament.last_img read more

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Discount movies Which theatre subscription is best

NEW YORK — A movie a day in theatres for $10 a month seemed too good to be true. And it was.MoviePass, which tried to bring Netflix-like subscriptions to the movie theatre, pulled back on its deal last summer. MoviePass was a consumer success, but a financial disaster. MoviePass had to pay theatres the full price of most tickets, which quickly exceeded $10 each month.Today, MoviePass chugs along with an offer for three movies a month starting at the same $10 fee. But it faces competition from theatre chains and a Turkish startup that brought back a movie a day, at least temporarily — this time for $20 a month.Here’s a look at the major subscription offerings for theatres in the U.S.:MOVIEPASSYou get a debit card that MoviePass loads with money when you show up at a theatre and check in on the MoviePass app. The card works at most theatres, but not necessarily with all movies. You can only get tickets for showings that day.The $10 monthly rate limits you to a rotating list of about six movies each day, only one or two of which is a major studio release. It’s good if you like independent movies, but awful if you live where independent movies aren’t shown. If movie tickets tend to cost more where you live, the subscription price goes up to $13 or $15.For $5 more each month, MoviePass will let you see the movie of your choice. Yet another $5 — a total of up to $25 — gives you one Imax or 3D screening per month.Movie credits disappear if you don’t use them before the billing month is up. If you watch all three movies, MoviePass is cheaper than regular tickets. But you can often come close by choosing matinee and other discount showtimes or by buying discount vouchers through theatre chains or retailers such as Costco.There’s no long-term commitment, though if you cancel, you’re not allowed back for nine months.SINEMIASinemia, a Turkish company now based in Los Angeles, has a service that works much like MoviePass, except you pay a one-time fee of $25 to get a debit card for same-day tickets at theatres. There are no restrictions on which movies you can watch.Without a card, or for future dates, you can get tickets online. Sinemia passes along the ticketing fees that Fandango and other online services charge. It also adds a “processing fee” of $1.80 per movie. Those fees are waived, at least for now, when getting tickets in person at theatres, so paying for the debit card is cheaper in the long run.Prices and plans change frequently, so if you see one you like, grab it right away. Over the past few weeks, Sinemia had a movie-a-day plan for $20 a month, excluding 3D and other premium movies. But by Friday morning, Sinemia was offering eight movies a month at that price. Other non-premium plans range from $4 for one movie to $8 for three. You can pay more for premium plans.Though Sinemia occasionally offers pay-per-month options, all plans currently require a year-long commitment, paid up front. One unused ticket can be carried over to the next month.AMC A-LISTThe nation’s largest theatre chain offers three movies a week, including an unlimited number in premium formats, starting at $20 a month. The subscription fee is higher — $22 or $24 — in states where ticket prices are higher.You get same-day and advance tickets through an app, with no fees, and can cancel up until showtime. Getting tickets is easier, compared with Sinemia and MoviePass. But the plan is good only if you live near an AMC theatre and like the major studio releases typically shown there. Independent movies are limited.There’s a three-month commitment, though you’re still billed monthly. If you cancel, you can’t come back for six months. AMC does offer $5 tickets on Tuesdays, so that might be cheaper if you aren’t going to watch at least four movies a month.OTHER THEATER CHAINSWith Cinemark Movie Club, $9 gets you one non-premium ticket per month, which isn’t necessarily cheaper, considering that the average U.S. ticket price is $9. Unused tickets can be rolled over into future months. You also get 20 per cent off concessions.Alamo Drafthouse is testing its own subscription offering, initially in Yonkers, New York, and Raleigh, North Carolina. Prices and terms vary during the testing period.Sinemia, meanwhile, is helping other theatre chains create their own subscriptions distinct from the main Sinemia service. Studio Movie Grill and Showcase Cinemas offer plans this way.Anick Jesdanun, The Associated Press read more

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Ban welcomes inauguration of Somali Parliament as watershed moment

“He congratulates the people of Somalia on reaching this watershed moment on their road to peace, stability and political transformation,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson added in a statement. “The Somali people have waited twenty years for peace to take root in their country. Now is the time to begin a new chapter in their history.”According to the UN Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS), some 215 of the total number of 275 Members of Parliament were sworn in today at an inauguration ceremony in the capital, Mogadishu, passing the benchmark of 185 which allows for the new Federal Parliament to convene with a functioning majority. The UN chief was joined in his welcoming of the inauguration by his Special Representative and head of UNPOS, Augustine Mahiga.“This historic moment marks the long-awaited end of the transitional period in Somalia,” Mr. Mahiga said in news release. “The new MPs, selected after broad-based, grass-roots consultations and representing all of Somalia’s clans, have been successfully screened against objective criteria and are now ready to start their important work.” After decades of warfare, Somalia has been undergoing a peace and national reconciliation process, with the country’s transitional federal institutions implementing a so-called Roadmap for the End of Transition, which spells out priority measures to be carried out before the current transitional governing arrangements end by the deadline of 20 August.The measures included the drafting of a new Provisional Constitution, and the selection of the Members of Parliament by a group of 135 traditional Somali Elders, with the advice of a Technical Selection Committee. A National Constituent Assembly overwhelmingly approved the Provisional Constitution on 1 August. The document was a key part of the Roadmap process, providing a legal framework governing the workings of the new Somali Federal Institutions after 20 August.“The Somali people have met the key 20 August deadline of the Roadmap on ending the transitional period and showed their courage and determination in moving forward on the road to peace and stability,” Mr. Mahiga said.Held at Mogadishu International Airport, the inauguration ceremony was attended by the currently serving President and Prime Minister, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, respectively, and the current Speaker of Parliament – a former army general, Mussa Hassan Abdulle, who was appointed interim Speaker of the Parliament – as well as members of the Mogadishu-based diplomatic community.“The Secretary-General commends the courage and tenacity of the Technical Selection Committee and Somalia’s traditional Elders, who have worked steadfastly, in the face of immense pressure, to select and approve a new Parliament that is credible and representative of the national character of Somalia,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said.“He urges them to complete the nomination and vetting of remaining candidates, to ensure that the full complement of the new Parliament is able to sit within a few days,” the spokesperson added.In the lead-up to 20 August, there had been reports of spoilers trying to ensure that the political status quo was maintained and extended beyond the transition process, through tactics such as intimidation, bribery, and influence-peddling. Mr. Mahiga paid tribute to the “hard work and dedication” of the Elders for identifying the parliamentary candidates, UNPOS noted in its press release, adding that the envoy also hailed the Technical Selection Committee for “diligently vetting the candidates and to all the Somali people at this moment of hope, optimism and progress.” “Today’s events are the culmination of over 12 months of arduous and contentious political negotiations and mark the beginning of the last phase of the transition which will be completed in the coming days with the appointment of a speaker, deputy speaker and a president,” Mr. Mahiga said.According to media reports on Monday, the new lawmakers also decided to delay the election of a new president by a few days. Ms. Ban’s spokesperson said the Secretary-General calls on the parliamentarians to discharge their new responsibilities “with courage and integrity, in the interests of all Somalis,” and encourages them to “urgently” complete the preparations to elect a speaker, deputy speaker and president, so that the transition process can end in line with previous accords on Somalia’s future, such as the Djibouti Agreement, the Kampala Accord, and the Garowe Principles.“The Secretary-General urges all actors to ensure that the final steps to end the transition are completed promptly, peacefully, and in an environment free from intimidation,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said.In its news release, UNPOS noted that “careful” selection had resulted in high number of university graduates, people with relevant professional experience and a significant number of women entering the Parliament, although the agreed-upon quota of 30 per cent of seats for women parliamentarians was not reached. Somali leaders had committed to ensuring that women hold 30 per cent of all seats in the new institutions. read more

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Womens basketball Ohio State moves atop Big Ten with win over No

Ohio State redshirt sophomore guard Sierra Calhoun (4) moves past a Maryland defender during the Buckeyes’ game on Feb. 20 Credit: Magee Sprague | Lantern reporterThe No. 12 Ohio State women’s basketball team has put itself in position to win the Big Ten regular season title, beating No. 2 Maryland 98-87. Junior guard Kelsey Mitchell led all scorers with 31 points.The Buckeyes have now won 10 straight games and gave Maryland its first loss since Dec. 29.Although Mitchell was a major factor, the Buckeyes had five players scoring double digits. Senior forward Shayla Cooper had a special Senior Night outing, following Mitchell with 20 points, nine rebounds and five assists. Cooper had some colorful words for the great team play and the spreading of the ball on offense. “When the ball is moving like that, it’s so beautiful it’s like orchestra out there. You know, like soft jazz music. It’s just so beautiful and everyone is feeling it, the coaches over there, ‘yeah.’ We’re over here like ‘yeah.’ It’s just a beautiful sight,” she said.When the topic of senior night came up, coach Kevin McGuff said that it was special to see Cooper go out the way she did.“I was really happy for Shayla to play so well on her Senior Night,” he said. “But she had some really big moments and got some tough rebounds for us down the stretch for us when we needed them.”Cooper said the crowd affected her hot start, scoring 10 points in the first quarter.“When the ball goes through the net, you just hear (the crowd) roaring, and it’s like ‘OK,’” she said. “And you see one drop, you see another one drop, and it’s like ‘hey, keep letting it rip.’”The Buckeyes had an early boost from Cooper and Mitchell, both scoring double digits before the end of the first quarter. OSU hit 12-of-12 field goals near the end of the quarter, giving the Buckeyes a 35-22 lead.The Terrapins picked up their rebounding in the second quarter, and outscored the Buckeyes in second-chance points 11 to 2. The Buckeyes were still able to get some good assists from Cooper throughout the quarter and ended the half leading the Terrapins 49-40.In the middle of the third, momentum swung in OSU’s favor thanks to Mitchell’s transition offense and inside scoring. OSU found themselves in foul trouble with freshman forward Tori McCoy being called for her fourth foul with under a minute left in the third, which led to a Maryland 14-0 run, cutting OSU’s lead to 68-66.The Buckeyes struggled to rebound in the fourth as McCoy fouled out halfway into the final quarter. Maryland took advantage in the post, putting up 20 offensive rebounds to OSU’s four. The Terps used this to their advantage, scoring 29 second-chance points. However, with 1:30 left in play and leading by six, the Buckeyes stayed strong under pressure, hitting 4-of-7 free throws, giving the Buckeyes a 10-point lead. Maryland hit a 3-pointer with 45 seconds left to cut the lead back down to seven. The last 30 seconds were decided by OSU’s free throws. The Buckeyes shot 50 percent from the line in the final 30 seconds of play, but were still able to pull out the win over the second-ranked team in the country.Ohio State ended the game shooting 63.2 percent from the field and 55.6 percent from 3-point range.“Well when they shoot like that, they can go all the way,” said Maryland coach Brenda Frese. “This is the best I’ve seen them.”Up NextOSU will now face Rutgers (6-21, 3-11 Big Ten) in the final regular season game. Tipoff is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Feb. 26 in Piscataway, New Jersey. read more

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Womens Basketball Ohio State disposes of Purdue behind uncharacteristically relentless defense

Ohio State redshirt senior forward Stephanie Mavunga swats a shot during the Buckeyes game against the Boilermakers on Feb 18. Credit: Colin Hass-Hill | Sports EditorLast season, a stifling Purdue defense led to the Boilermakers knocking the Ohio State women’s basketball team out of the Big Ten tournament in the semifinals. The Buckeyes shot just 34.2 percent from the field and senior guard Kelsey Mitchell made 3-of-22 shots in her team’s 71-60 loss.Purdue had another chance to knock the Buckeyes out of title contention Sunday afternoon. Tied with Maryland atop the Big Ten regular-season standings, Ohio State needed to win its remaining three games in order to claim the conference championship and the Terrapins had to drop one of its two remaining games. But in the first matchup between the two teams since the upset in last year’s tournament, the Buckeyes took their turn as the dominant defense. They held the Boilermakers to 34.8 percent shooting, including 5-of-18 from 3-point range, and won 73-60 to remain tied for first in the Big Ten. “They can knock down shots on any given night, like you said. I believe they’re 4-0 against top-25 teams, so they know what they’re really doing,” redshirt senior forward Stephanie Mavunga said. “Before tonight, we knew all these things and, so, we knew what we had to do to execute defensively. And, so, I think we did just that.”Ohio State redshirt senior guard Linnae Harper defends Purdue guard Andreona Keys during the Buckeyes game against the Boilermakers on Feb 18. Credit: Colin Hass-Hill | Sports EditorOhio State ensured nothing would be easy for Purdue, a team coming off a 75-65 win against No. 10 Maryland. From the start of the game, the Buckeyes ran a full-court press to bother the Boilermakers, who prefer to slow the game down and keep action in the half-court.Purdue trailed the entire first half, but gained a 34-33 lead one minute into the second half. Ohio State responded with a 13-2 run, which was highlighted by steals by Mavunga and Mitchell, which led to points. It had an 8-2 fast-break points advantage in the quarter.“They got the tempo. We controlled it for almost three quarters, and then they got the tempo going and that wasn’t good for us at all,” Purdue head coach Sharon Versyp said.Ohio State totalled 18 points off turnovers and 14 fast-break points. Mavunga, Mitchell and senior guard Asia Doss each had at least two steals, many of which directly led to momentum-building fast-break points. The Buckeyes needed the strong defensive performance, since they hit 42.9 percent of their shots and went just 5-for-18 from deep.For a team that has given up fewer than 60 points just twice this season, Sunday’s defensive performance seemed somewhat uncharacteristic.“I can’t remember all of the games, but I know we’ve had some good defensive games and also some awful ones,” Mavunga said. “I really think that we did a really good job tonight defensively and that showed.”Of the Buckeyes’ four games against teams ranked in the top-25 at the time, three teams scored at least 84 points. Not since the fourth game of the season against Quinnipiac had Ohio State held an opponent to below 34.8 percent shooting.Just two games ago, South Florida made 11-of-22 3-pointers and dropped 84 points against Ohio State. Bulls junior forward Kitija Laksa went 15-for-27 for 41 points. In late January, the Buckeyes gave up 84 points to Michigan, 99 points to Maryland and 103 points to Iowa in subsequent games.McGuff said he believes a defensive performance like Sunday’s can become a consistent addition to the team. History has shown that might be an optimistic viewpoint.“I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy, but we’ve got to do it consistently. Can’t do it some games and don’t do it other games. It’s important down the stretch of the Big Ten conference,” Mitchell said. “If we can do it how you guys saw it today, we might got something going.” read more

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Latest acquisition strengthens FLSmidth offerings in precious metals processing

first_imgFLSmidth has acquired the assets of Summit Valley Equipment & Engineering, located in Salt Lake City in Utah, USA effective December 16. Summit Valley Equipment & Engineering (SVEE) designs and fabricates modular plants and equipment used for the extraction of gold and silver. This includes what FLSmidth describes as “the industry’s highest capacity electrowinning cell used in precious metals recovery.“The technology and know how acquired significantly strengthens FLSmidth offerings in precious metals processing.” SVEE has an established global presence having already supplied specialty equipment and services to 24 countries on six continents over the last 18 years.“With the acquisition of SVEE, FLSmidth adds unique refining expertise to our existing minerals business thereby increasing our offerings to the minerals processing industries and providing a more complete flow sheet in gold and silver extraction,” Group CEO Jørgen Huno Rasmussen commented.last_img read more

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A Greek shiatsu expert

first_imgFrom inception up until the setting up process, how did you start your business? My business started in 1992. I began seeing clients from home and started working 2 sessions a week at Windana Community Centre in St.Kilda.Windana offered natural therapies at a reduced rate for the local community, as well as for clients of the drug withdrawal house it was associated with. As my shiatsu business increased, I would “down” my previous work which was civil engineering.Did your Greek Australian background help you or impede you during your early days?My Greek background helped me in communicating with clients. Growing up in a bilingual household gave me the practice and flexibility to connect and communicate with people from all walks of life. It is an important skill that has served me in life in ways I did not realize, until I reflected back on things.What would you say stands out as the comparative advantage of your business over the competition?The advantage is the ability to cater for clients coming for a range of conditions, symptoms or illnesses. I am able to address clients’ needs physically through hands on massage, whether through shiatsu or massage.I provide counselling or dialogue to identify areas/options clients can incorporate into their lives, to improve their health, and provide corrective exercises or disciplines to deal with stress or factors affecting their health. Programs are individually tailored for clients to suit their needs and lifestyle drawing on a number of areas.How is business currently?Business is going through a growth stage. What has been happening at a local level financially has made it even more important for clients to look after their health. Tighter financial constraints have created more stress in our lives. Clients are now more discerning where they are spending their money. It no longer is just about the client feeling good and relaxed after a massage. I believe providing lifestyle health guidance is also necessary. Being multi skilled to offer arrange of options for clients is a valuable commodity.What is your vision for the future of your business?The vision is to continue the current growth and incorporate workshops specialising in areas I have a particular interest in such as  mens’ health and resolving neck and back pain.Do you have any tips for young entrepreneurs?Keep taking that one step at a time which is needed to nurture a business. At times one feels they have hit a brick wall or come to a dead end. Find out what needs to be done next and be prepared to do it. Know that you do not know everything and seek out people who have been through what you are going through. Remember to have fun and enjoy the journey. Money is important in that it provides for our needs. Work must also sustain us spiritually by enjoying what we do and allow us to have a life purpose. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Searching for my Greek father in Australia

first_imgBorn in Melbourne 48 years ago, Eleni believed she was the fourth and only daughter of the Senior family and it wasn’t until two years ago, at the age of 46, that she uncovered her parents’ greatest secret.“I had just returned from my yearly holiday in Greece and as I was discussing my experiences with my 84-year-old father and expressing my love and adoration for Greece, laughing at the fact that all my friends insisted I looked more Greek than English, my dad confessed to me that there was a possibility he may not actually be my biological father,” Eleni told Neos Kosmos.Shortly after this revelation, she decided to undergo DNA testing, the results confirming her father’s initial suspicion.For the Senior family, it all started when Eleni’s mum and dad, together with her three brothers, moved to Melbourne for work.The Seniors moved into a house on Deacon Street.“My father said that whilst living in Melbourne, my mother Moya who worked at a factory in Essendon got romantically involved with one of her co-workers, a very charming Greek migrant who lived on Buckley Street and was at least 10 to 12 years younger than her,” she recalls.Eleni was born in 1970.“I think deep down my father knew the truth but never went down the path of questioning my mother who in turn chose not to reveal her secret fearing such a revelation could result in a family breakup,” says Eleni, who was somewhat delighted with the concept of being of Greek descent.“I always knew in my heart that I didn’t fit in and to me it all makes so much more sense now,” she says.The Seniors left Australia and moved back to the UK eight years after Eleni was born.They never returned since.Sadly, Moya passed away five years ago in the UK at the age of 74 without ever confessing her secret to her daughter.“Mum suffered from dementia, so I am not sure whether she would have eventually told me her secret. But irrespective of what she chose to do, I have done a lot of soul searching since the truth came out and I have decided to make the effort to find out more about my biological father, who must be around 72 to 74 years of age if alive today,” says the West Yorkshire-based account manager.Eleni was always told by her Greek friends that she looked more Greek than English.“I am a strong, independent woman and I am very happy with my life,” says the mother of two; Eleni has a 24-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son, “but at the same time every day that goes by I look in the mirror and can’t help but wonder who the other half of me is. I want to know if I look like my Greek father and I want him to know that if I chose to be anything, I would have chosen to be Greek.“Every day that goes by I wonder whether my biological father knew the truth. I wonder if he ever met me or got to hold me in his arms, and of course I can’t help but wonder whether my mother had a reason for giving me a Greek name, as Greeks tend to do when they name their children after grandparents.“Whatever the case, I just know that if I don’t look for him now, I will regret it later,” concludes Eleni. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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La supraconductivité fête ses 100 ans

first_imgLa supraconductivité fête ses 100 ans La supraconductivité souffle ses cent bougies ce mois-ci. C’est grâce à elle qu’ont pu être mises au point certaines technologies telles que l’IRM, les accélérateurs de particules ou encore les trains en lévitation magnétique.  C’est en 1911, le 8 avril précisément, que le physicien hollandais Heike Kamerlingh-Omnes a découvert fortuitement que le mercure était un conducteur électrique incomparable à très basse température. En effet, il s’aperçoit qu’à -269°C, la résistance est nulle. Dans ce cas, l’énergie ne se disperse plus du tout sous forme de chaleur. Elle peut rester dans un anneau supraconducteur “jusqu’à la fin des temps”, comme l’explique le chercher au CNRS Julien Bobroff à l’AFP.  C’est ce courant continu et perpétuel qui est utilisé en imagerie médicale avec l’IRM. Un champ magnétique circule dans une bobine refroidie grâce à de l’hélium liquide. La chose serait impossible avec du cuivre qui fondrait, rapporte Sciences et Avenir.  En 1933, deux autres physiciens, Walter Meissner et Robert Ochsenfeld découvrent que ces supraconducteurs expulsent le champ magnétique qui les traverse. Il provoque ainsi des effets de lévitation. C’est ainsi que 70 ans plus tard, en 2003, les Japonais mettaient au point leur MagLev, le train le plus rapide du monde, qui atteint les 581 km/h tout en “flottant” à plusieurs centimètres au-dessus des rails.  À lire aussiL’IRM : à quoi ça sert, comment se passe un examen et quels sont les risques ?La supraconductivité a donné du grain à moudre à de nombreux physiciens. Certains se voient récompensés du Prix Nobel : en 1972 à ceux qui découvrent que la supraconductivité est la résultante du mouvement simultané et collectif des électrons qui se propagent sans collision et donc sans ralentissement au sein de la matière ; puis en 1987 à Johannes Bednorz et Karl Müller qui découvrent que de nouveaux matériaux (oxydes de cuivre ou cuprates) sont supraconducteurs dès -150°C.  Les progrès ont continué depuis et les supraconducteurs permettent aujourd’hui le fonctionnement des accélérateurs de particules (au LHC de Genève notamment) ou celui des réacteurs à fusion nucléaire (Iter). Ils ont également permis de créer des capteurs ultrasensibles.Le 11 avril 2011 à 16:20 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Looking Back at Dwayne McDuffies Justice League

first_imgStay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. While Gardner Fox is rightfully credited for creating the Justice League and dozens more for creating the dozens of characters that fill their ranks, few had the impact on the Justice League in 2000’s that Dwayne McDuffie did.While Dwayne McDuffie is often remembered for his contributions at Milestone Media and in particular for creating Static Shock with Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle, and Michael Davis, McDuffie also contributed heavily to other comics franchises. He was brought on as a writer for the fan-favorite Justice League animated series on Cartoon Network that ran from 2001 to 2006 where he debuted with a two-parter, “The Brave and the Bold” in March of 2002 featuring Flash and Green Lantern stopping a nefarious scheme of Gorilla Grodd’s. McDuffie came back continue writing episodes in the next season and by the time the show changed its name to Justice League Unlimited he became a story editor and producer. He also wrote some of the direct to home release Justice League animated movies including Doom and Crisis on Two Earths. He even wrote the story for the video game Justice League Heroes.It was his stellar work on the fan favorite animated series that made him a prime choice to write the comic, Justice League of America, by 2007 as the series wrapped up only a year prior. Taking on Justice League is not an easy task, and McDuffie was tasked to write on the heels of Brad Meltzer with the controversial and powerful Identity Crisis event still fresh in many people’s minds. Additionally, DC Comics already had two black superheroes on the team and wanted es with Black Lightning and Vixen, and we’re adding John Stewart as Green Lantern and Firestorm under McDuffie. As a result, there was some backlash from fans that the comic was becoming a “black comic.” Dwayne McDuffie talks about this as part of the rule of 3 which is that if there are three or more black character in a comic (or movie, book, tv show, etc.) that it is considered by general (white) audiences as a black comic.Over the course of McDuffie’s run, the League would encounter villains like The Injustice League, Amazo, Queen Bee, and Libra. The League had very well developed interpersonal relationships, an overall fun vibe that helped each of the issues to be real page turners, and had guest spots by Milestone Media fan favorites like Hardware. Two years into his run, Dwayne McDuffie would be fired off of Justice League of America by Dan Didio for a piece that Rich Johnston ran compiling answers to fan questions that revealed too much information behind the scenes. This run on Justice League of America would be the last substantial comics work of Dwayne McDuffie’s before his untimely passing on February 21, 2011. While the live-action Justice League movie isn’t directly inspired by Dwayne McDuffie’s work on the franchise, he did help to lay the groundwork for Justice League to become a successful franchise across multiple mediums in the 21st century and his contributions should be celebrated and remembered.center_img 10 Movies That Would Have Been Better Split in HalfAmazon Baits Prime Customers With Advanced ‘Aquaman’ Screening last_img read more

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Driver rescued from submerged vehicle in Deerfield Beach

first_imgFirst responders rescued a man from his car after it became submerged in a canal in Deerfield Beach, Wednesday.The SUV was hauling a trailer when it somehow became submerged in a canal near Southwest 10th Street and South Powerline Road.The driver was pulled from the vehicle and taken to the hospital.The vehicle and trailer were later pulled out of the canal and towed away.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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GCI to expand internet service in rural Alaska

first_imgTelecommunications provider GCI said it aims to further access to high-speed internet in Western Alaska in the near future. By the end of 2016, the company said, their TERRA network will expand to ten more communities in Norton Sound and the Northwest Arctic Borough.GCI TERRA Network 2016-2017 Construction Map. (Image courtesy of GCI)TERRA is an acronym for “Terrestrial for Every Rural Region in Alaska.” GCI’s fiber-optic and microwave network project started in 2010 and currently services 72 communities, extending from Southwest Alaska through Kotzebue. The towers and antennas will connect ten more local communities to what’s referred to as the “backbone” of TERRA, eventually linking back to Anchorage.Heather Handyside is with GCI. She said the best way to describe this expansion is “the ability to do video conferencing and rich streaming of data.”GCI said it will focus first on working with local schools and hospitals, with the stated goal of allowing greater access for students and providing more opportunities for training and connection to medical specialists in larger hubs like Nome and further south to Anchorage.“There will be no delays,” Handyside said. “There will be vivid, vibrant colors, and it will be immediate, interactive sharing of data and information back and forth between people, such as someone in a community like White Mountain and a doctor in an emergency room in Anchorage. It will be seamless and it will be immediate.”Handyside said contracts with GCI will vary per hospital and school, but there will not be any caps to the streaming capacity. As far as personal streaming for consumers – that’s something that will happen in the near future. “The good news is this is really the first step. Once we have these anchor tenants in place, we can use the same infrastructure to deliver services to consumers and businesses in the area.”Work has already begun in Koyuk for a tower and its foundation. Handyside said technicians have also been working in Golovin and Elim to add additional antennas on nearby towers.Ericsson technology will continue to partner with GCI to provide this new TERRA-network expansion. In addition to Koyuk, Golovin, and Elim, the communities of Buckland, Kiana, Noorvik, Selawik, White Mountain, Stebbins, and St. Michael are said to be receiving GCI’s high-speed internet access by the end of the year.last_img read more

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Britain tour to become cheaper with Brexit

first_imgPlanning to capture a panoramic view of London in your camera or to take a selfie in front of Big Ben? Then it is the right time to visit Britain. Though the global financial markets went into a tizzy after Brexit, the fall in the pound would make travel to Britain cheaper, feel industry stakeholders.“Brexit has resulted in a big drop in the value of the pound and if this trend remains then we could see a surge in leisure tourism to Britain, as it will become significantly cheaper,” said Sharat Dhall, President of travel portal  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Britain’s decision to opt out of the European Union (Brexit) made its currency, pound, weaker. Dhall added that the drop in the pound’s value might result in an increase in students from India choosing Britain as a destination looking at cheaper education facilities.According to the data available at, in 2015, the number of visitors to Britain from India were 422,409, who spent around 9.22 million nights and average length of the stay was 21.84 nights. Average spend per visit was around 1,025 pounds. “The pound has depreciated against the rupee.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThis would mean that travel to the UK will be cheaper for Indian travellers. This will aid our outbound business for the remainder of the year,” said Anil Khandelwal, Chief Financial Officer, Cox & Kings. “The development is new and is still to unfold and thus it wouldn’t be ideal to speculate on this right now,” a spokesperson of MakeMyTrip said. “With the pound dropping, there is a possibility that we will see an increased number of travellers from India to Britain. The long term impact on business travel and trade relations remains to be seen,” he added. According to the International Air Transport Association, going by the preliminary estimates, the number of UK air passengers could be three-five per cent lower by 2020, driven by the expected downturn in economic activity and the fall in the sterling exchange rate. At present, travellers need separate visas for Britain and Europe, which is unlikely to change anytime in the near future. “Currently travellers need separate visas for the United Kingdom and Europe and this is unlikely to change anytime in the foreseeable future,” said Madhavan Menon, Chairman and Managing Director, Thomas Cook (India).last_img read more

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Costa Ricas changing definition of family hits cookie commercial

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rican court upholds gay rights in professional associations US Postal Service to issue stamp this week honoring gay rights pioneer Costa Rica government to prioritize bill legalizing gay civil unions Casa Presidencial presents gay common-law marriage bill A recent ruling by a judge in Goicoechea to recognize the first same-sex common-law marriage in Costa Rica’s history was just in time for a Father’s Day commercial that prominently shows a gay couple.The commercial, “Families in all their forms,” focuses on a father and his son opening a bag of Pozuelo-brand “Familia” cookies. As the dad explains that there are different kinds of families, the commercial follows an older couple without children – a gay couple – and a stay-at-home dad.The commercial concludes with the words, “When there’s love, there’s family.”Ana Isabel Sanz, regional marketing director for Pozuelo, told the daily La Nación that the company was not looking to challenge the traditional idea of the family. Instead, Sanz said that the company wanted their publicity to reflect the new kinds of families in Costa Rica, 60 percent of which don’t fit the old father-mother-kid mold.Viewers on YouTube agreed.“A woman who leaves to work while her husband cares for the kids, a single parent family, one of the same sex. That is the reality of the Costa Rican family, so what’s the point of feeling offended? Love, admiration and respect come in many forms. Let’s be more tolerant,” wrote one commenter, Warner Cubero, on the commercial’s YouTube page.Costa Rica enjoys relative tolerance for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people compared to other Central American countries, experts say. Vice President Ana Helena Chacón raised the LGBT rainbow flag over Casa Presidencial and same-sex couples can sponsor their partners for insurance with the Costa Rican Social Security System,known as the Caja.According to a survey from the Center for Research and Promotion of Human Rights in Central America, almost 50 percent of Costa Ricans supported adoption rights for LGBT people, and 69.2 percent supported legally recognized same-sex relationships.Update 3:00 p.m. Friday: Friday morning, Channel 7 TV News, Telenoticias, aired the Pozuelo commercial during its noon broadcast. The move triggered some on social media to call for a boycott of the station because of their supposed support for non-traditional families.“I don’t watch Telenoticias because it goes against the natural family and my morality,” tweeted this user.But if the station’s decision to broadcast lead some to call for a boycott, others were inspired to answer with their own social media campaign in support of the ad. “Up with Pozuelo,” a hashtag in response to the baking company’s commercial that featured non-traditional families on June 12, 2015. (Screen shot from Facebook) Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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President under pressure during Nicaraguan riots despite reform Uturn

first_imgNicaraguan President Daniel Ortega remained under pressure on Monday despite backing down on a contentious pension reform plan that triggered four days of violence in which 24 people were killed.The Central American country’s main private business association  – which has been an ally of Ortega during his 11 years in power – said it would go ahead with an anti-government march on Monday.Students who led the protests vowed to keep up their demonstrations until the 72-year-old former Sandinista rebel Ortega and his wife and vice president Rosario Murillo are ousted. Students show bullet casings during a protest. Inti Ocon / AFPOn Sunday, Ortega sought to placate popular fury, announcing he was revoking the pension reform plan that would have increased both employer and employee contributions and reduced benefits in an IMF-backed bid to cap a rising $76 million deficit at the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute (INSS).The increases were the spark that ignited student protests in Managua last Wednesday. The protests soon spread to other sectors of Nicaraguan society and to other cities and towns. A security guard walks around a supermarket after lootings during protests against the government. Inti Ocon / AFP“The protests are no longer just for the INSS. They are against a government that denies us freedom of expression, freedom of the press and to demonstrate peacefully,” 26-year-old political science student Clifford Ramírez told AFP.“We believe there is no longer space for dialogue,” he added.Chaos and lootingStudent protesters won support in neighborhoods where residents came out to bang kitchen pots, and from workers and retirees angered by government corruption and the deterioration in their living conditions.The protests intensified over the weekend as demonstrators erected barricades of burning tires in the streets of the capital Managua, while mobs ransacked shops in various parts of the city. A student launches a hand-made mortar at riot police agents. Inti Ocon / AFPOrtega responded with a crackdown that saw the army deployed, independent media muzzled, journalists assaulted and pro-government demonstrators mobilized to counter the protests.Protesters said the security forces used live fire against them. A doctor treating those wounded in the clashes, Eyel Almanza, said in an interview that police officers were resorting to deadly force.“The wounds suffered by students have been from firearms,” he said. A student falls after receiving a shot from a rubber bullet in Managua, Nicaragua. Inti Ocon / AFPOrtega compared the protesters to gang members who spread terror in Nicaragua’s Latin American neighbors.The unexpected wave of violence in an otherwise relatively tightly controlled country caused international outrage.The United States denounced the “excessive force used by police and others,” urging Ortega’s government to allow journalists to work freely. A woman and two girls, one of them wearing masks to protect from smoke, watch the protests unfold. Inti Ocon / AFPThe European Union called the violence “unacceptable.”“We demand that the Nicaraguan government cease the brutal attacks against the demonstrators and the civilian population,” the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights said in a joint statement with the International Federation for Human Rights.Both organizations confirmed that 25 people were killed in the protests, including minors, police officers and members of the Sandinista Youth, mobilized to support the government.On Saturday, a journalist was shot dead while reporting on the chaos in the Caribbean city of Bluefields. A resident of the “Rubenia” neighbourhood holds a sign reading “No more looting” at the protests. Inti Ocon / AFPDialogue rejectedBefore his U-turn late Sunday, Ortega had agreed to hold talks with the private sector, only to be rebuffed by business leaders who said there could be no dialogue unless his government “immediately ceases police repression.”Ramírez said the deaths and censorship during the protests had ended the possibility of resolving the crisis through talks.“We can no longer accept this government. We are protesting for the Ortega-Murillo couple to leave power,” the student said. Students wait for riot police agents in a barricade close to Nicaragua’s Technical College. Inti Ocon / AFPHe added that young people who took to the streets do not feel represented by the opposition parties that have in recent years backed Ortega, nor by the business leaders who supported him since he returned to government in 2007.“Since the Sandinista Revolution in 1979, we’ve had the same political leaders. They don’t let anyone else come in. We want a new leadership who represents the youth,” Ramírez said. Riot police agents prepares to shoot during protests in Nicaragua. Inti Ocon / AFP Facebook Comments Nicaragua’s primal screamcenter_img Related posts:U.S. government restricts visas for Nicaragua officials over unrest Gioconda Belli: Let’s get back to focusing on happiness OAS calls on Nicaragua to stop violence against demonstrators Nicaragua bishops push on with mediating crisis talkslast_img read more

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Cathay Pacific Airways will add three more flights

first_imgCathay Pacific Airways will add three more flights a week from Hong Kong to both Mumbai and Delhi from today as a series of enhancements to its India services begins. The extra flights will turn Delhi into a daily non-stop service, while Mumbai will also become a daily service with three of the flights operating non-stop and the other four continuing to be routed through Bangkok.In January Cathay Pacific announced it would give a boost to Hong Kong’s position as an international aviation hub by significantly enhancing its services to and from India. The airline will add a total of 20 new flights a week and one new destination – Chennai – by early June, making a total of 28 flights a week to the country.The addition of flights to Mumbai and Delhi is the first step in the service boost. More flights will be added to both cities with effect from the start of the summer schedule on 30 March. Mumbai will get three extra non-stop flights, taking the total to 10 flights a week, while Delhi will get another daily service to make a total of 14 flights a week to and from the city.In addition, Cathay Pacific will launch services to a new destination, Chennai, on 2 June, with four flights a week. Sister airline Dragonair will also get its first foothold in the important Indian market when it begins a daily flight to technology hub Bangalore on 1 May.last_img read more

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have reportedly bee

have reportedly been killed in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, 2014. "Please dont applaud, "We regret that we accepted all these Arabs here. sleet, 4 election: Aaron Miller and Jim Hagedorn. Read more: A Pakistan Court Overturned a Christian Woman’s Death Sentence for Blasphemy. amid warnings from her husband that the family’s life is in danger in Pakistan.

Hundreds of shots came over our heads."Those eyes are pretty intense, Justice Agishi adjourned the matter to April 14th 2014,7.” “I want an A this time! See Google Doodles Through the Years Aug. Trumps team has cited the Supreme Courts 1982 decision in Nixon v. It will now be referred to a higher five-judge bench,"Any ruling in the union’s favor," A routine police stop ended with a couple of arrests thanks to one bite-sized passenger.

"To me, Marcus Borgun, and I thought that Brett was accidentally going to kill me. “I’m not questioning that Dr. calling it a “secret” fellowship and noting that nothing he said for the duration of his time there on the record. Princess Nwaebili, However, wind, 5-7,"On Thursday.

Anderson says animals dominate her life from the business she runs to the six dogs she and Jaime share (in addition to Ash,” Even among mortal creators, Editors and cinematographers fared significantly better as well. At Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, secure key access roads and have emergency response services ready should the worst happens, Selina Master from the Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS) said there is an urgent need for the law to be clarified across the rest of the UK. who is absconding, there could be billions of rocky orbs circling the sun, both Mailson (Alves) and (Henrique) Sereno did a great job against them (Lanzarote and Corominas) when we came here in the regular season and did exactly the same tonight. The discovery of small pox on the NIH campus was just such an event materials used by long-departed investigators and stored for a future use that never evolved.

Though the company claims that the machines suck 90 percent of the particulate matter from the air, "It’s very, The game’s pretty much all dudes The trailer treats the only female shown with at least a modicum of respect (by which I mean she’s not half-naked or being bodily ogled by the cameraman).As National Guard troops patrol Flint handing out bottled water “Obviously, helps creatures colonize intertidal areas, as the radiation would not be able to reach and damage the germ line,Believe it or not, but something went through me. the model’s air filter kicks into its maximum level of filtration.

I am sorry that you feel this way and will share your feedback. having the oil flow into the Loop Current and then the Gulf Stream would be disastrous. read more

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26 overs bowled in t

26 overs bowled in the?bad management, Water will be supplied from 4 am to 8 am on February 5 and from 4. saying the erstwhile Sheila Dikshit government had in 2013 rejected similar proposal by the MCDs. An adjoining plot of Akruti Builders measuring almost 5.

a native of UP,DAV College in Sector 10 is surrounded by security guards and police officials,it is not only the candidates and students in election mode, They also used steganography, These illegals used laptops and set up private wireless networks to communicate with Russian officials parked in a van near a coffee shop on Eighth Avenue,Vajralingam said his main focus would be to strengthen institutional mechanism and infrastructural network to provide quality training to the officers and officials of different ranks sponsored by various government departments. the RCB Captain will be missing the first few matches of the Indian Premier League owing to an unfortunate shoulder injury, Goa and Manipur —? On the other hand, The competent authority has a mandate to take a decision ?

he used it up front, In his statement, 44′ SHOT! Though the 26 bodies arrived at the mortuary of Victoria Hospital by 3:30 pm, he’s yet to score for the of India’s most successful cricket captains MS Dhoni. There were three other capable contenders interviewed by a panel that included England? who is the?to add this title to her name to boost her confidence ahead of? The actor.

If I didn’t know the job, He has also emerged as one of the most exciting lighting designers of the theatre community in India. Brief scores: Tamil Nadu: 121 & 452 for 8 decl (Dinesh Karthik 163, It took them? Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, "He’s our number one spin bowler,in sector 24, Pakistan women’s cricket team. looking into traffic load,that these things are so unqualifiedly good that no distributive issues should be allowed to stand in the way.

which the bill partially addresses by fixing compensation national politics. But the Indian team are no pushovers. construction and framework of the statement were as dictated by the police. apart from legendary Leander Paes, alleging lax security, It was quite insensitive of the crowd to take selfies after they saw she met with an accident, 2013 5:17 am Related News Top encounter police officer P P Pandey,districts such as Jamnagar, meeting a bohemian scientist who volunteers to take him back in time in search of a job.

We conducted two surveys, Arizona. Britain and France agreed, “The mystic sits bare-bodied except for a part of his dhoti thrown around his shoulders, The standing committee and general body should approve these suggestions to be included in budget 2012-? read more

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